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Life is suitable if you compare what you have with what you need

Students in the primary school need to be motivated using the  Psychological means  

Evaluating the intelligence of the primary school students is based on their level in  Mathematics

Children and youth should have their own Clear goals written down, frequently reviewed and traced in flexible behavior 

Some students feel ready to the scientific exams and then they are amazed by the poor results. To avoid this obstacle, the student needs to solve some exercise based on the quality rather than the quantity

 In some excellent schools, teachers give case study such as going to the shop with family for the purpose of learning accounting, which is complementary responsibility between the school and the family  

Teachers shall put an effort for their primary students to do presentation to gain the self-confidence at the early stages of their life as well as having strong background for any future scientific applications  


Sleeping early is an important tip for any student as a culture or value and to absorb the information and not forgetting them during the coming quiz or exam


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